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Groupe AFN has been specialising in cleaning ventilation systems in commercial kitchens for more than 15 years. Our technique, developed over the years, has proven itself to our diverse clientele, which includes restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, seniors’ residences, schools and daycares centers.

It is important to know that a system must be inspected and cleaned in its entirety to significantly reduce the risk of fire or malfunction.

Some businesses neglect this important aspect in order to reduce their costs, to your detriment. Make the right choice.


Ventilation systems in kitchens, whether in a restaurant or in a commercial or institutional building (schools, seniors’ residences, etc.), are critical to ensure the evacuation of fumes generated during meal preparation using your kitchen equipment.

Our extensive experience of more than 15 years allows us to understand the mechanics of your ventilation system in order to clean it thoroughly. To this end, our proven technology allows us to clean hoods, filters, ducts and fans generally located outside buildings.

Proper cleaning helps to maintain the air evacuation function, but also extends the life of your facilities, which have significant upfront or replacement costs.


Over the years, we have observed a similar trend in our varied clientele. Indeed, it was more than common to observe that food residues and splashes were piling up the surfaces behind and under the kitchen elements.

In order to meet regulatory requirements, health standards and to limit the risk of vermin, we offer the services of cleaning the back and underside of kitchen elements using degreasers and disinfectants, using our proven high pressure cleaning techniques.


Since the maintenance of the fume removal system and surrounding surfaces to your kitchen components is very important, it is easy to neglect the maintenance of your kitchen components, considering the frantic pace of commercial kitchens. To this end, we offer cleaning services for kitchen items that include, but are not limited to, cleaning ovens (convection, bakery, etc.), fryers and other kitchen appliances.

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