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Outdoor Surfaces Cleaning

Groupe AFN has the necessary equipment to remove the most tenacious dirt.

Thanks to our specialized biodegradable products, we will be able to overcome indesirable effects of time. We are also able to clean up incidents that could have an environmental impact.

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Over the years, surfaces tend to become encrusted with dirt and dust, which can alter the visual appearance with undesirable stains. Lack of time to thoroughly clean can also contribute to the aesthetic degradation of your belongings.

High-pressure cleaning is a method we use to remove dirt that is embedded by the use of pressurized water. Our various high-performance equipment allows us to heat water in order to adapt its pressure to the work to be carried out, in order to promote efficient cleaning. We are able to integrate various cleaning agents adapted to your specific needs.

High-pressure cleaning can be used on different surfaces, including wood, asphalt, solid pavement, cement slabs, recycled plastic and others.

When processing plain paving stones, it is also possible to remove existing and damaged polymer sand and apply new ones.

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