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Exterior Siding Cleaning

Groupe AFN also specializes in the restoration of buildings. Whether it’s the signs of the weather, pollution or a simple cleaning. We have a solution tailored to your needs. See below what kind of projects we can help you with.

High Pressure Cleaning

Over the years, exterior surfaces protect you from the elements and are exposed to wind, dust and rain, which can leave unwanted stains. Lack of time to do a thorough cleaning can also promote the aesthetic degradation of your property over time.

High pressure cleaning is a method that we employ that aims to dislodge encrusted dirt by the use of pressurized water. Our various high-performance equipment allows us to heat water in order to adapt its pressure to the work to be carried out, in order to promote efficient cleaning. We are able to integrate various cleaning agents adapted to your specific needs.

High pressure cleaning can be used on a variety of exterior siding, including brick, stone, aluminum, vinyl, metal and more. It is also possible to use this type of cleaning to scrub your gutters and thus promote adequate drainage of rainwater.

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